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Click one of the buttons below to view the rehearsal and concert schedule. Our dates generally follow the Forsyth County School calendar, starting in August and ending in May. Due to COVID-19, venues, dates, and times may be adjusted. Pending membership registration and venue availability, we may have rotating venues, split rehearsals, or have to make other adjustments with the ever changing times.



In-person rehearsals for all SONG ensembles are held at Hawk Music Academy or Influencer's Church.


Our season runs on a 3-cycle schedule, where each cycle has 9-10 rehearsals plus a concert or recording project. 



Tuesdays - 7:00-9:00p

Influencers Church

Sundays - 3:30-5:30p

Influencers Church

Sundays - 1:00-2:30p

Hawk Music Academy

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